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Easy invoicing and billing

Bill your clients and get paid in just two click

Simplest way to get paid, your clients can even pay from the pdf invoices


Sample invoice with pay now button

If you use billable increments of 6 or 15 mins, Helpa is perfect for you!

Invoice creation

Helpa offers the simplest way to create an invoice, just add your activities, directly create invoices and get paid.


Its fast, Its easy and its awesome!

Payments through client portal

Helpa also offers another quick and easy payment method for your clients through client portal!

Now clients can just pay directly from their dashboard and choose between multiple payment methods including:

  • Debit/Credit Card

  • Klarna (installments)

  • US bank (ACH direct debit)

From invoicing and billing to real-time analytics

We've built a simple, but powerful toolkit to help you deliver your projects on time and on budget, without sacrificing revenues and profitability. Collaborate with clients, allocate tasks, track time and generate beautiful invoices and get paid.



Your team analytics in one place

Group 1610.png


Save time with teamplates


Client Portal

Modern, all-in-one client collaboration



Bill either per project or per task


Activity Intelligence

Measuring your team's productivity and skills



Chat with your clients in real-time. No more emails.

Trusted by


Victoria Spratt

COO at Esplin & Associates

"Helpa has greatly improved our team's efficiency. It helps us to meet our deadlines, manage tasks, and collaborate with our clients. Plus, our clients now pay with one click in Helpa's portal. We're getting paid faster!"

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