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Join Helpa's market-place today

Less hassle
More clients

Simplest way to get paid, your clients can even pay from the pdf invoices

Stand out of competition

Helpa recommends your business based on your service type and location to the clients 

Get more visibility

Your services are marketed for free to thousands of clients on Helpa

Build trust with clients

Helpa guarantees a fair exchange of service and payments that builds trust

Law firms

IT consulting

Advertising agencies

Creative agencies

Accounting firms

Helpa is ideal for all professional and consulting services

Marketing agencies

Architecture & Design

Engineering services

Finances and tax firms

How it works

  • In case of disputes Helpa makes sure that you get paid fairly

  • Helpa only takes 1% of contract value

Join helpa

Join Helpa and create your firms profile. you can also add team members right off the bat.

Get contracts

You will receive contracts from clients on Helpa. you can negotiate the terms and start working. 

Get paid

Get paid as fast as possible with Helpa's built in client portal and easy invoicing.




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